My name is Damian Maxson - a pseudonym that closely resembles my real identity. Damian, a name I also use outside the digital world, has biblical roots and means "the mighty one". 

This meaning has always fascinated me; it is just as important as the name itself is extraordinary and appealing.

The surname Maxson follows a Nordic tradition that says that the father's first name becomes the son's surname. My father's name was Max, and as his fourth son, I thought Maxson was a fitting choice.

I am the youngest of four brothers, and our mother's name is Anna - a name that is considered "the mother of mothers" in the biblical tradition.

I would like to share my life experiences on these pages. Born on 19 February 1973 in the Swiss Alps, I have been a deep thinker all my life, always striving to think outside the box and discover what is hidden between the lines.

I often found conventional life exhausting; I felt more comfortable when I was challenged more than average. The urge to understand everything around me was always at the centre of my interest. I still remember well how, as a child, I pestered those around me with questions, which didn't always go down well, even though I couldn't really categorise the reactions of those around me at the time.

My tireless curiosity and drive were sometimes overwhelming, but over time I learnt to appreciate and understand these qualities.

I have now reached a point where my quest for knowledge is largely satisfied. I am open to new things, but I no longer ponder over every unanswered question. The experiences I have recorded here trace a life path full of obstacles - and the insights I have gained could perhaps be of use to other people.

I like to call myself a Christian philosopher, as this term best describes my continuous search for deeper understanding and my faith. Welcome to my journey, where I hope you may find inspiration and insight.


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