The end of a relationship | I don't know you

I am shocked, it is over. It was so wonderful, so beautiful, a varied time, like never before in my life. How I loved it. How I still love you.

But the time of truth has also come. The sobriety of life. Much is not glorious, variety can also be stressful.

When you get to know your partner, things come to light that you were not prepared for. Not only does your partner have these depths, you also suddenly become aware of everything that is still slumbering inside you.

I just want to get back to the safe harbour. I've been at sea for months now, I've seen and learnt a lot, I'm very grateful, but now it's time to get the ship ready again and maybe travel the world again in a few years, but for now rest and concentration is the momentum, all that counts.

I thanked my father for everything, asked him to forgive me for not being able to continue this relationship, apologised for all the mistakes that happened and that I cannot go through life with one of his daughters. 

And there it is, I don't suddenly hear the words, I don't know you. 

Unbelievable, you who prayed every day, like no one I have ever seen pray like that. 

In my prayer the spirit I perceive tells me, I do not know you. 

How impressive, is the sentence simply important for me, from my perspective? 

I hope the best for her and that she will be fine. 

However, my prayer worries me a little for you. 

Thank you for the time we spent together. May we both get free quickly and do better next time. 

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