The formula for success - a plaything of forces

Life is in a continuous interplay between two forces that influence both the mind and the body and almost all aspects of our environment. These dynamic interactions are based on the laws of nature, which, on closer inspection, turn out to be guided by two main forces.

For success, it is essential to understand these laws of nature and to be aware of the influences of both forces. Effectiveness is usually achieved by strengthening the positive force and weakening the negative force in order to achieve optimal results.

Let's look at a practical example: Suppose you want to lose weight and stay slim permanently. This requires a healthy diet and control of calorie intake, as without these strategic measures, successful weight loss is unlikely.

But this is just the beginning. Our bodies are genetically programmed to store fat to ensure survival in times of need. Fortunately, this necessity no longer exists in our modern age of abundance, in which many people suffer from a natural tendency to accumulate fat.

Our perceptual system and the basic natural conditions have hardly changed, while our environment has changed drastically. We are only slowly adapting to these new circumstances, even though humans have always had to act as problem solvers.

In the past, survival required great caution, excellent perception and the ability to switch immediately from calm to fight or flight mode in extreme situations. These requirements are largely superfluous today, but the fundamental nature of humans remains unchanged.

We are instinctively sceptical of new things, as any change could be potentially dangerous. Getting to know new people therefore involves a natural caution and distance, which was essential for survival in earlier times.

Civilisation has controlled the darker side of humanity in many areas. Dangers that were once commonplace now occur less frequently. Nevertheless, fear, which was once essential to life, often becomes uncontrollable. It remains, even if the actual danger has been eliminated.

Fear hardly has a positive effect on us anymore. Instead, it becomes a burden. The crucial aspect of usefulness is missing, resulting in an imbalance. This imbalance makes life more difficult for all of us.

This imbalance can lead to persistent stress, favour illness or cause constant, subtle and unnecessary negative states.

If you are aware of the two forces, you have the opportunity to influence yourself positively. In the case of weight loss, this means eating a better diet with fewer calories - this would strengthen the positive force and reduce the negative force that prevents the body from shedding fat and switching to defence mode. Only those who face up to both forces with a clear solution strategy will be able to successfully deal with the important issue of nutrition in the long term.

The mouth is the gateway to the body; if you don't have your gateway under control, you will face many problems that become more and more serious as you get older. 

We now know that being overweight significantly impairs quality of life on many levels. This law of forces can be applied to countless aspects of our lives. 

If you keep the negative force in check, you will get even further than someone who only strengthens the positive force and neglects the negative side.

Here is another example that serves to deepen or better understand the concept of the two forces and how to deal with them.

Imagine you set yourself a goal that you absolutely want to achieve.

It is of course essential to first define a clear goal in order to have a direction for your actions. This corresponds to the reinforcement of positive force.

No one can achieve a goal without first deciding that they want to strive for it.

Now to the other force: setting a goal not only ties up resources, but can also have unforeseen consequences that may only become apparent once the goal has been achieved. A poorly chosen goal can therefore also pose a significant risk, especially if you are not fully aware of the potential consequences.

In this context, it is advisable to consult with someone who has already achieved the goal and who is able to give honest and objective feedback without being influenced by conflicts of interest. This will help you to take both forces into account and maximise the benefits.

By following this strategy, you might even achieve the goal more successfully than anyone else before, simply because you have stuck to this formula for success: always increase the positive force and minimise the negative.

Important decisions should never be made without consciously considering both aspects.

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