Back to the present

Why should one go back to the present, there is really only the here and now. We are right in the middle of it. 

An interesting question? 

The past is what happened, but what we often repeat in our thoughts in the present, if it was good, it gives us a pleasant present, if it was bad, we can suffer a lot in the present. And then there is the future. 

Our current future is determined by positive facts or by fears, again both have their effects in the now. 

Time is exclusively the now, rather than the past or what is yet to come. We can no longer change the past, here and now and what we do to commemorate it, that's where our possibilities lie. 

We must therefore live much more in the present. But how does one do that? And why is that not normal?

This is also connected with the Duality of life together and the tension that exists between them and can make life unpleasant relatively quickly. 

We have a primal programme within us that is solely designed to protect us. This programme runs unconsciously all the time. There are even names for it, such as the inner pig and many other names. 

However, this is only one part of this programme, but those who understand it a little can already develop very easily and well. 

We were born into an environment that is very dangerous. If our parents had not lovingly raised us and brought us far ahead, we would not have been able to survive. 

We owe our current status to the experiences and processes that have become fixed procedures for us over the years. 

Depending on how well or badly we succeeded, our current position will also be. 

If we have the luck of a secure home and an environment filled with love and wealth, we will lead a much better life than people who did not have that. 

But every person can work on their present, if they are aware of how they can do this and if they have the will to change their situation.

The first thing to understand is how our nature works. Our brain stores all experiences and sorts them into different levels of use. Good, Bad, Useful, Dangerous, Helpful, etc. 

We have a guardian who protects us. It only does one thing, it compares every experience with the existing ones and if something new happens, it simply sounds the alarm. 

This guardian, what can also be called the inner pig dog, simply has this task of sharpening our senses to new things and putting us in a caution mode. 

The guard is not doing this to poke us, he is actually doing it to be very helpful to us. 

Like a protective filter for life. He does this with fear or with bad feelings so that we really react and do not suppress Him. 

The guardian is there exclusively to check this single but very important thing, what is new and possibly a danger and what is tried and tested and in order. 

Simple but very based and efficient. 

What impact does this have on life?

Very big ones, first of all, you can't do anything new without being slowed down by fear and doubt, laziness, secondly, we are inclined to always stay in the area where this guardian doesn't bother us. 

If you want to change your life for the better, you have to know how to deal with your guardian. The good news is that we are not at his mercy. He has a function that we can use. This function is called trust. 

When something new keeps coming and he realises that it is not a danger, he begins to accept the new and allows a new habit to develop, which then runs by itself.

This way you can simplify and perfect your whole life. I estimate that it takes 20-30 repetitions and then everything goes by itself. Where before fears and doubts slowed you down, suddenly there is joy and fun. 

Finally, something important, how do we manage to come into the present, to create relaxation?

Depending on the situation and the amount of problems, our guardian can go a bit crazy and you almost have no peace any more. 

With a simple question, you can create presence, because that creates reality and then we land directly in the now and here. 

Whenever anxiety and discomfort arise, ask yourself the question, "What is my problem here and now?" 

In most cases, one comes to the clear answer that there is no acute and one can again find some middle ground between worries for the future and burdens from yesterday. 

The more you train this, the better you will feel. If you manage to look at yourself with a little distance and influence yourself positively with this information, you can improve a lot and create good things.

Become a master of your guardian. Be aware that if you know someone, you can deal with them much better. Even if it is yourself.  

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