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by S. Hermann / F. RichterWhat do we think of when we think of love?

A wonderful feeling, one of the most beautiful we know. Whether we love someone or we are loved, this feeling in its purest form is always beyond anything.

When I think of love, I quickly feel gratitude, gratitude that it is possible at all, that there is so much love and that it is allowed to play an important and essential role in life. 

 I then direct my gratitude to the place, the strongest source there is for love at all. To creation itself, to God, to Jesus, to the Holy Spirit. 

What is the best way to express gratitude? The simplest way is with a beautiful prayer, with heartfelt words, directed to the address that stands for having mastered life and has thus shown us the way home and is a light as a guide on our life's journey. 

Did he not say that whoever believes in me will live forever? Whoever understands that, that's exactly how it will happen. But until that happens, we still have to manage to live a good life, which is certainly not that easy, but that is what He is there for, because the connection with Him brings our spirit back into balance, calms our fears and takes care of our body. 

Here now is a praise to the highest one who ever moved his feet under our sun, who still guides countless people in spirit and who stands for safely walking his life's path correctly every day, step by step, and thus being well prepared for the day when our body will no longer function and it will then count how pure enough our soul is. 

Almighty Jesus Christ, 

Here are a few lines to you, the greatest name this world has ever heard. 

I praise and glorify your name, I honour your work. In your name Jesus Christ, I am powerful, full of energy, an asset for life, for every person I meet, for everything I do, in your venerable name, in your divine sense. 

In you I am stronger than every thought that wants to harm me, in your name I am stronger than every feeling that wants to confuse me. In you Jesus Christ I can master all tasks daily with flying colours and be a little image of you. 

Thank you for all the years you have helped me and shaped me. For everything that was possible with you and for every day that I can walk with you and feel how I become stronger and happier with you, with the prayers and conversations.

Almighty Jesus, you are the best this world has ever seen. Through you I can maintain my connection directly to my origin and am freed from everything that wants to separate me. No sin, no death, nothing has the power to destroy me. 

As an heir of heaven, it is the task of life to be able to live a good, divine life here with your help as best we can. With You, dear Jesus, this is possible every day, for which I thank You with all my heart. My greatest and strongest love belongs only to you, best of the best. 

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