Hot or cold

Whether hot or cold, I spit out what is lukewarm. This sentence from the Bible has been with me since I first heard it a long time ago.

I think my mother told me and I thought I understood the meaning well.

I realise that to this day I have understood it, but I have not acted on it. It is something so important, I can hardly grasp it.

Like when you say, "just do it", it's the doer who moves forward and everyone else knows the way but doesn't take it. They know where they are going, but they will never get there because they do not act. 

In faith, one is only as strong as one cultivates it. A little faith can even be rather counterproductive, one is then, to describe it with another image, neither fish nor fowl. 

It is so important to be completely focused, otherwise you are in danger of falling.

Like when you walk slowly out of fear, but then you can't cross a threshold because it takes more speed and consequently you even fall. 

We are not fighting against people, we are fighting against powers. These powers would not really be dangerous for us, if we would keep a certain speed, but if we don't, it can become very dangerous. 

Now this is not meant to cause any kind of stress, it just means you really have to keep your mind, prayer and thoughts on Jesus, praising Him several times a day, connecting in prayer. 

Cast your cares upon the Lord and He will provide, but "just do it" do you really want to live in His love, which by the way, is the most beautiful thing here in this difficult world. 

So from today, from here where I am, from now on, I will praise and adore You several times a day with all my heart, You are the Way, the Light and the Life, whoever is in contact with You, for him there will be just that.  

So today, after many years of liberation, but still very hard times, on your birthday in 2022, in a very special place in Cuba, I say, I want to praise and glorify you several times a day with all my strength and make my worries and fears known to you and then gratefully feel your love and confidence and with this strength, achieve the best possible in your name. 

Happy Birthday, Greatest of the Great, your name that has liberated and sustained this world for thousands of years. 

Salve Jesus Christ, 24 December 2022, Mariel, Cuba 


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Hot or cold

Whether hot or cold, I spit out the lukewarm. This sentence from the Bible accompanies


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