The seven most powerful weapons of goodness

Fortunately, there are not only the weapons of evil that can influence us daily and make our lives difficult, but there is also help against them, which by its very nature is much more powerful and helps us to live a good life. 

But before I list these weapons here, let me briefly explain what is meant by "by the nature of things".

If one understands the origin, that everything must come from a creative force and that this is good, one also understands why this force is exclusively important.

I could only understand this when I divided good and evil. So I became aware that the one alone can exist in harmony and perfection and that evil alone destroys each other and thus makes no sense at all in itself, ultimately it would eliminate each other, the good is thus the host of evil, which can only live if it can draw strength from the good as a parasite. If evil were to devour all that is good, it would ultimately have to devour itself, which actually makes no sense. 

Nor would it build or create anything, it only destroys and is not in itself a force that is important, only because it destroys and causes harm, exclusively for what is its very nature. 

In short, those who strengthen the good and improve the bad, the evil, are already doing enough and don't really need to worry about anything else. 

The greatest punishment for evil is to do well, to be successful, to build up, to go through life positively and not to be taken in by the other side. 

Yes, and now what are these weapons that help to bring light into the darkness, which by the way is a very strong image, for the same way of functioning. There is not really darkness, darkness is always the absence of light. Possibly it is similar between good and evil, where there is good there will be no place for evil. 

Evil can prevail most where love is lacking. 

So here they are, listed point by point, the 7th most powerful weapons of good: 


Weapon Number 1 | Gratitude 

Gratitude is the most important thing there is. Gratitude has the power to push aside everything that is not good for us and clears the way for the good. 

Gratitude creates positive energy and with it you displace the bad. 

You can test this quite easily, it is a self-runner, it is the circle of God, something we do not even know in our use of the word, the exact opposite of the vicious circle, which everyone will be familiar with. 

Start simple, think about what you can be thankful for and do it every day. You will think of more and more every day and suddenly you will notice how you feel better and better. 

Use the other weapons listed here and you will be so successful that you will be amazed to the maximum. 

And if it is only health for which you can be grateful, which is the most important thing by the way, or that you are warm, that you are dry, that you are satiated, that you can breathe, that you are free, that you can run, jump, dance, laugh, love, etc., then you can be grateful.

Simple things, to start with you will find enough, give thanks for at least 5 minutes a day, how you do it best, read elsewhere on this page and then wait and see how it develops, just persevere and feel how more and more good power can work every day. 

Weapon number 2 | Personal talks   

Build a relationship with Jesus. He stands for the best this world has ever seen. Approach Him and ask Him for a sign and for Him to make Himself clearly known. Entrust your life to Him. Put all your worries into His hands.

The more you do this, the more security you will get, it will be easier and easier for you and you will have a personal helper who cleanses your mind for the best. 

The wisest way is a surrender prayer, like the following, simply pray this paragraph with an open mind. After that, wait and see what happens. 

Almighty Jesus Christ, I ask You to come into my life. I want to hand my life over to You and ask You to give me clear signs that You are there and that You also want to go through my life with me. I want to shape my existence with You from now on and lead my soul home safely and divinely through You and according to Your purpose. You are the way, the truth and the life, let me also be a part of your mightiness. 

I am looking forward to my new life with you and in happy anticipation I am eagerly awaiting your response. 

Thank you from the bottom of my heart, your Damian (your first name), who is waiting for you in all hopefulness. 

Lightning will not strike from the sky now, but things will happen in the next few days that will make you understand unequivocally what is important and what your life with him will look like.

Then start your monologue with Jesus, welcome to your best way home, with Jesus, the Holy Spirit and the Father, the Almighty Divine Trinity. 

This will become the most important relationship you have ever had. You will develop feelings that do not exist here. Wonderful, lasting and without side effects.

And best of all, God sets you free, loosens chains and shows you the truth that ultimately leads to the ultimate goal of life, the good soul, the key to eternity, freed from addictions, death and sin. In worldly words, you will never again be separated from God and practically no longer transgress. Step by step you will serve the goal more and more and thus lead yourself and others home. 

They will never be death, only die and change to a different perspective.  

Weapon number 3 | Connect 3 times a day

If you pray a lot, you purify your environment, consciously or unconsciously. You manage to say a prayer of thanksgiving 3 times a day, perfect, then you are a master of weapon number 3. I always practice this in the morning, at noon and in the evening and just before sleeping I review the day again and thank you again for everything that worked so wonderfully on the day. 

They say whoever falls asleep with thoughts of God and gratitude owns the world. That is the best thing you can do. It is easier to fall asleep and in sleep you get the best spirit. 

Solutions, important decisions, can also be well placed at this point and on the other day you can usually make the perfect choice. 


Weapon number 4 | Dealing with our weaknesses

In all the years that I have been able to walk with Jesus, this weapon has taken me the longest to understand. I had to grow 50 years old and a lot of the Holy Spirit passed through me until I was allowed to understand this. 

That doesn't mean it's difficult, but it's very, very important and it's actually what makes a life good. 

Namely, just as good as our weakness is. Just as the weakest link in the chain determines the strength of the chain, so it is with us. How we deal with our mistakes makes us extremely strong or fatally unstable. 

How is this to be understood. Everything in this world carries both forces. Duality determines all matter, everything we experience is influenced by it. 

It's no different in us, we have a good part and a bad part that gets us through life. From cradle to grave, that's what makes a personality. This weakness determines everything. It is actually there to help us, to warn us, to draw our attention to change. 

But it does not do this to harm us, weakness does this to warn us. In principle, we always carry a part of the danger of life with us, which protects us from its equal. 

In psychology we speak of the comfort zone, when you leave it, fears arise and only through training and repetition can you eventually expand your horizons, skills, territory, possibilities. 

Basically, you get your inner bastard, to use another image for the same thing, used to the new situation, it gives you peace and you can then enjoy something new with pleasure and you have improved. 

If we call it the inner bastard, if we try the comfort zone or if we call it a bad part of us, in the end it is always about one and the same thing. 

We are limited for security reasons, because we actually live in a very dangerous world. 

This natural limitation serves us for our own good and only if we understand this can we deal with it and also develop strongly for the good without being slowed down by it. 

Now why is that a weapon?

If we understand how it works, we can better control our lives. Instead of giving ourselves an inner pig or even developing pathological, extreme fears, we can accept our weakness and, with your help, live a wonderful life. 

From the moment I understood this and no longer repressed everything negative, my life changed in an extremely positive way. I now have double possibilities, can deal with negative things much better and no longer have to repress fears and bad feelings, which actually causes the problems. 

Be grateful for your feelings and enter into an inner dialogue with yourself. Address your fears or bad feelings, ask what is going on and show understanding for it. You will notice that this will bring you forward, blockages will disappear, freedom will come. Accept everything that is going on inside you. It is the repression that makes us sick, the wanting only good, the perfection that triggers this repression in us, the greed for the good. 

By accepting the weaknesses, this difficult part of us, we become truly free, we do not only live with the good side, no, we also have a valuable bad part in us that helps us every day to lead a good, safe, beautiful life, with all our feelings and thoughts, not only with the good ones, which can greatly limit our life. 

In practice, it works like this. When I feel something bad or a fear comes up in me, I no longer try to disregard or suppress it. I then ask myself, what am I trying to tell myself? Why is the negative thought there now? Usually it is a fear that worries about tomorrow or next week or sometime. Then I say yes, that's right, I understand that, that's important and correct and today I will do what I can to make today a success. 

With this approach, one trusts one's weakness, appreciates it and then has far fewer blockages and problems, life becomes more harmonious. 

I always see my weakness as an inner child and not as my pig dog that I have to train. I try to make my inner child a strong full part of my life with love and understanding. In short, harmonising inner communication is the key to happiness. 

That is the weapon, my weakest link is getting stronger and stronger and therefore I am also getting stronger and stronger. That is a psychological quantum leap.

Weapon Number 5 | The Truth & Success Journal

That is the most impressive thing I have ever experienced. Our perception is not objective. Also, because the forces within us work so differently, we do not perceive the truth clearly, but rather have a negative self-image. 

For this, weapon number 5 is a godsend. This works very simply. Take an empty notebook and start writing down every day what is good in your life, what you have already created positively in the last few years and thank yourself in writing every day for everything good that has happened on that particular day. 

Set yourself milestones that you want to achieve and repeat the whole thing every day. You will see in one fell swoop that what you feel and reality are not the same. 

Your attention to your life becomes more objective and you become more liberated, more realistic, much more positive. 

You can then live every day for yourself and finally also really live in the only time that really exists. In the here and now. 

I close with this and to stay on topic, thank you Jesus for allowing me to put these words on the web and may they be followed by many more.

Weapon number 6 | The perspective on a day

I came across this important strength in 1986 at a lecture by a woman who was about 30 years old and who visited us at the boarding school to tell us about her life. She was there for Alcoholics Anonymous and I listened to her with great interest. Of course, at the tender age of 13, one is a bit shocked when such a young, pretty woman talks about her addiction and says that she has already damaged her liver.

Fighting alcohol is probably one of the most difficult things there is and I remembered the core of the Alcoholics Anonymous solution during the lecture.

Today I know that this valuable thinking actually works for everyone and everything and is very important.

An alcoholic, if he wants to free himself from the addiction, he has to get down to zero, so that he doesn't keep getting hooked and keep drinking. 

Unfortunately, a little bit doesn't work. It is more possible for him to say no than a little or a little.  

He is more likely to keep a clear no, because the receptors in his brain are then not fed and he has to drink more and more. The effective addictive pressure will certainly not go away, it takes a lot of time for a brain to break the habit, but with a clear no he has a choice that is realistic to keep. 

And this is where the perspective of a day comes into play, or if you like Carpe Diem, pick the day.

AAs don't set out to never drink again, in the beginning there is only one goal, to stay sober for 24 hours, and to repeat this as often as possible. 

Setbacks are then not overestimated and simply no alcohol is drunk for 24 hours. 

The 24-hour perspective makes it possible. Even in the life of a healthy person, this is a great help. 

I don't worry about yesterday, which can't be changed anyway, I take tomorrow when it comes, but I do everything I can to master today as best I can. 

In combination with a, I say, searching gratitude, this works perfectly and so successful days follow each other and the overall well-being steadily increases. 

Weapon Number 7 | Active Thinking

In the past, you often heard that you should just think positively. I always thought that was a joke, because thinking is also controlled by feelings and when you're in a bad mood, positive thinking doesn't really work and so I never really saw this as an important functioning thing. 

However, as I grow older and gain more experience of life, I have to say that it is very important to think actively. 

If we let our thinking slide, we are like a leaf in the wind. No one wants to be steered by the wind. 

Here, too, you notice, if you notice at all, that you digress into the negative or feel bad, which you clearly do, it takes strong active thinking. 

Immediately switch to gratitude, no matter what comes to mind, thank you, thank you, thank you and you feel much better. 

With time, you notice the digression earlier and can also intervene earlier, and even so, you feel better and better from day to day. 

That was you now, my Seven to Heaven. Have fun with the implementation. May our gratitude steadily increase and the bad lose as much space as possible.

Carpe Diem


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