The 4 most dangerous weapons of evil.

Originally there were even 6 or 7 weapons. I was allowed to delete a few, which doesn't really speak for his strength.

But if it were fatal to underestimate evil, in view of what we see here in the world, what it does, it would not be wise either. 

So now we come to the topic. Here are the various weapons neatly listed. Laid out on the table, so to speak. 


Weapon number 1 | Its inconspicuousness

The whole world talks about God and that he allows this to happen here on earth. How smart it is, it is destroyed, raped, stolen, abused and nobody talks about the source of all evil. 

God is denied existence, he is no longer even condemned, but directly disposed of.

What an achievement. And all because absolute freedom, coupled with our mistakes, makes it so. 

God is pure love, the creator who builds up, including us, and he leaves us unconditional freedom, so he will probably watch with even more pain than we could ever have, what all we are up to.

May many people not fall for the strong deception and be aware of what is also important and belongs to his number one weapon. 

One should not paint evil on the wall. Why not, the more one deals with evil, the more one is swallowed up by this force. 

You are allowed to know how it works, but otherwise you should only concentrate on the good and keep an eye on the evil, but not really concern yourself with it. 

The more good you do, the less room there is for evil.

Weapon number 2 | The evil part that we all carry around with us every day. 

We live in a dual world, everything has its 2 sides and its gradations in between. As everyone can easily see, sometimes we are really free and happy, other times we are devastated. 

We carry the best in us, but also a part that makes life difficult for us. Some have a slightly bigger one, others a slightly smaller one, but everyone has this imperfection in their luggage.

Those who are aware of this and can deal with it have a chance of a really good life. Those who live into the day like this and are not aware of it belong to those who you can say, because they don't know what they are doing.  

Ok, that's a bit Kras what I'm writing, but that's one of the most important things in life, to understand that. 

We have a constant programme of self-destruction going on inside us, which actually makes no sense at all. 

And because this is the case, we are plagued by insecurity and are looking for ways to deal with it all the time. 

Even if it's just the weather, strange feelings, circumstances, dissatisfaction, whatever, we are constantly challenged. Only those who can deal with their weaknesses can lead a happy good life. 

Everyone else represses, takes aids, looks for help in the wrong place. 

We are victims, let's not face this weakness within us. Deal with it actively, there are simple means for this, to uncover everything and deal with it successfully. 

If you are interested in this extremely important topic, I have here already written about solutions in a little more detail. 


Weapon number 3 | Spirits pretending to be good beings

Who the Fuck are Ghosts? Or in German, what the fuck are ghosts! 

You don't have to believe in it, that's probably best, but you can know the truth, then you can't be manipulated any more. 

Ghosts are simply people who have lived and have not got it together here.

You have led a very evil life and have done so much bad here as human beings that your souls are denied access to the realm where only the Pure One still has access. 

When we die, when we leave our body, we can perceive that immediately. As long as the soul is pure enough or forgiveness is still possible, the famous tunnel comes and then it will go towards eternity. 

With the really heavy chunks, nothing comes, they just stay in the room and are "fucked", to use the language of such people. 

The punishment will then be that they are allowed to wait there among their own kind until the day of separation. Good people pass directly through the next dimension, which is around us. We should know that between us and eternity is the so-called realm of the dead. 

Now, the problem and why this is a weapon of evil, there are people who are abused to connect there. These people are not really aware of how much you are being abused. 

Dangerous are things like media, hypnosis, astral wandering and much more stuff that goes through society every now and then in new fashions and thus manipulates us. 

If one really wants to connect deeply in spirituality, one must only address one's own Creator and ask Him for guidance, for signs, nothing and no one else, written in Christian terms, only the Trinity, everything else is not purposeful and can be dangerous. 

If you want to get in touch with your origin, it is best to pray to Jesus Christ, ask Him for a sign and then something wonderful and lasting can arise. But please do not rely on people who promise you the blue of heaven, who themselves do not know what is happening to you and who, with cheap information that you have, since spirits can see on our level, are basically not really worth much, except that you create trust, which is exactly what makes the problem. 

Suddenly, without realising it, you trust the evil "him self". Good night at eight, you can only say, should you have managed that. 

You will then make seriously wrong decisions and run step by step into ruin. Do a retrospective, you should have been going this way for a long time and you can see what has happened. Free yourself, God gives unlimited freedom, you can see it in every corner. 

Weapon number 4 | All the addictions in the world

Where weapon 3 is basically just a rebound of losers who still have influence over a few people, drugs are the really crass strong weapon.  

We are picked up on our supposed weaknesses.

After I left nicotine and alcohol behind me, I realised that I wasn't in a bad mood because I smoked and drank heavily, no, I started smoking and drinking because it compensated for my supposed weaknesses.

But addictions only accelerate everything, where without them you take 2 steps forward and 1 step back to move on again, with drugs you take 3 steps forward and 4 steps back, in the end they take everything away from you. 

Just as spirits profit from our weakness and pick us up there, so do addictions. Happy, content, successful people are not caught by any of this.

They are immune, they are not victims because they can act and do not have to react. They have little to compensate for. They run ahead of life and not behind it. 

So you ask yourself, how do you get there? 

I would say more in the next post, which should still be written, the most powerful weapons of good

Thank you for your attention. ( No thanks, I don't need a personal you 😉 ) Little joke for connoisseurs.

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