Read in the Book of Life

In moments of adversity, when life hits us hard, it is important to focus on the positive and move on carefully. It is important not to stand still. As long as we get up more often than we fall down, we are on the right path.

The focus should no longer be on the past; instead, it is essential to concentrate on the essentials. This is a way out of difficult times. In challenging situations, it is wise to act in this way.

As it says in the Bible: "Leave the weeds and tend to the harvest first, to the plants." Only when the fruit is ripe should we turn our attention to the weeds. The focus is first on caring for the fruit.

In other words, let's focus on the positive. As soon as we have enough energy and strength, we can turn our attention to the smaller worries. Exceptions exist when the negative has an acute impact. Here I am referring to everyday negativity, which can often be neglected as it is beyond our control.

Once we have stabilised ourselves by focusing on the positive, we begin to read the "book of life". If you are wondering whether there is nothing positive in your life, you may be under a great illusion.

Our nature tends to initially react to new things with fear. Although fear can protect us from danger, it can have a paralysing effect in everyday life. This fear is a tool without rational intelligence. It merely compares the existing with the new. If we suppress this fear, we end up harming ourselves. The trick is to utilise what is useful and to perceive and process what is exaggerated so that it does not harm us.

Think of fear like darkness: you only illuminate the important areas with a torch. The decisive factor is how you hold the torch.

Start looking for the good and practising gratitude every day. Here are some ideas: You may be healthy, live in one of the better countries in the world, be able to make your own decisions and take your own actions. Even if some of these points are not true, everyone can find something to be grateful for.

By practising gratitude, you shift your focus from natural fear to life. You will be surprised at the effect of this attitude - this is the true reality, not the natural fear that often gets out of control, especially in modern countries.

With gratitude at the centre, you will gradually gain the strength to read the book of life. 

You can look back at your past and realise what you have already learned, how often life has been kind to you, how you have been enriched and how you have got here.

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