Active thinking

My first steps into the depths of being many years ago were the wave of "positive thinking", based on the content of the American writer Joseph Murphy, the power of the subconscious.

It was somewhere on the east coast of Australia in February 1991 that I held this book in my hands for the first time and read a few pages. I wasn't much of a reader, but these lines completely captivated me, like a drug, the first contact from which, without realising it, many things have emerged.

Yes, it's almost comparable to the first cigarette, actually nothing at all, 30 years later you smoke three packets and just cough and are a slave to the cigarette industry, which serves up the money and has no shame at all.

I don't know if I need to mention it here, it would have happened to me too, and I was also able to escape from the trap with a lot of grace and the right steps.

But now back to Mr Murphy. He spoke a lot about God in his book, the power of the subconscious and the related topic of positive thinking and autosuggestion, which is actually another word for self-hypnosis.

I didn't realise in any way that by reading this book and putting this ultimately esoteric content into practice, I had slowly but surely initiated my first downfall.

Part of a good family, endowed by my parents with a sensible inheritance, I managed within a very short space of time to ignore all security, all reason and slowly but surely run into ruin. That fits: inherit in order to spoil, what words.

With Joseph and my hereditary factor of depression, which actually always made me a little weaker and more searching, I was the perfect victim to deal with the cheese.

So I went full throttle and without even suspecting that there could be any danger, I visualised like a wild man and gave my subconscious everything I could or even wanted.

The result: an overly ambitious project that got me completely stuck and in the end practically pulled the rug out from under my feet.

You may be looking for the meaning behind everything in life, but after getting up again, it was valuable to recognise how currents keep coming up in waves, the so-called wolf in sheep's clothing.

After I realised that I had opened the door to the overworld, so to speak, and how we are all unintentionally influenced, I quickly realised during the next Eso waves that many things would come back, just in a different guise, but always with the same approach.

In a nutshell, we are a plaything of invisible forces and only have options if we can be aware of these circumstances.

Positive thinking in the sense of Mr Murphy was not the way, and yet our thinking is a big key.

He who has his head under control can live well, he who is tossed to and fro in his thoughts like a leaf in the wind is a victim of life.

That's why I say: active thinking is the right word. We have to become masters of our negative, destructive thoughts if we want to become masters. If we don't know what is happening to us, we are victims of life with its sometimes evil and difficult currents.

In life, you get practically nothing for free, fears and negativity follow you around like a puppy dog, we are given them as gifts at every turn. On the other hand, we have to actively emphasise the good and the true, and this is how we can develop.

If you understand this, you have a good chance of leading an extraordinary life.

An ordinary life is also ok, but it is difficult and more of a suffering than a Christian walk in the footsteps of Jesus Christ.

He was a great master of thought, as we can read in the 2nd Testament. His greatest strength was getting to the heart of words, thoughts and truth. How could he have done otherwise, as he was the firstborn of the Creator and redeemed us from this role.

Grace to those who can understand this, for the path from glory to glory is open to them for eternity.

Thank you for your attention and that you can understand as much as you can, or that you can turn to Jesus Christ with active thoughts and thus immerse yourself in a deep understanding.

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