The stream of life

The metaphor of the stream of life offers a valuable perspective for improving the way we deal with life's challenges. 

Imagine that you are observing your own life, like a river that is constantly flowing past you. 

This river symbolises the unceasing course of life until your last breath.

It is beyond your control to stop or influence this flow - it is a natural part of our existence. Neither can you influence the nature of the river: whether it flows calmly or turbulently, whether it is slow or fast, or whether it seems to be out of control at times.

However, your sphere of influence lies in the way you evaluate and react to what happens. You determine the meaning and significance of events in your life. Positive events are naturally received with joy, while challenging phases demand respect or can even seem overwhelming.

Ultimately, how you deal with these phases of life depends on your perspective. Your assessment of the passing events determines the quality of your life. An obsessively positive assessment can be just as problematic as a consistently sceptical and negative view, which can put additional strain on your life.

It is important to question the relevance of events to your daily life. Often they are not as significant as they seem and can be let go of. You have the opportunity to pass on all challenges to Jesus in prayer and ask for advice. This will help you to better categorise events and make your life easier.

Bear in mind that we humans have a natural tendency to analyse negatively. We are problem solvers, confronted with fears and worries. The key lies in dealing with this tendency correctly.

To make matters worse, our natural instincts are still similar to those of our ancestors, for whom it was essential for survival to be constantly afraid of danger. In modern, advanced societies, however, this fear has often lost its function.

The modern world sometimes requires us to dampen these fears in order to cope with everyday life. But that is a topic for another discussion.

I thank you for your attention and conclude with praise for the life's work of Jesus Christ.

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The stream of life

The metaphor of the stream of life offers a valuable perspective on how to deal with the challenges of life.



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