And eternally greets duality

Yes, the title is a little cribbed from the film with the German name "Und Ewig grüsst das Murmeltier" with Bill Murray. In the original it is called "Groundhog Day", which would be less appropriate for these lines. 

I think the film tries to portray the difficulty, the heaviness of life in a humorous way. At its core, this is exactly what has a lot of truth. 

The constant repetitions, the simple things that have to be done constantly and the time as it seems to you emotionally, that is a big part of every life.

Behind it hides matter with its duality. Duality? What is that supposed to be?

Simply put, plus and minus, ying & yang, good & evil, day & night, everything seems to submit to this law of duality in our lives. 

You won't find anything that doesn't have another side. That's what makes it so difficult, you always have to balance yourself and find the middle again. 

Let's take some of the most beautiful things there are.

Love. Everything you love always goes with fear of loss. You cannot love without fear of losing it. 

This is the natural duality that ensures that we always move in a field of power between two forces. 

The art in life is to have so much more of the better side that it has a positive effect, but not so much more that the negative side comes to the fore and the added value is lost. 

Often, if you understand the duality a little, you can cushion the worse side mentally and live well. But everything has to run harmoniously, it won't do any good to block the negative side of duality, that in turn creates greater tensions and is counterproductive. 

Let's just take something very simple like day and night. You can live in the dark for a short time, but in the long run you will get sick. But if you live a few more hours in the light, it will have no negative effects except positive ones.

Duality is also found throughout the body, health and illness, down to the smallest cells, which are small power cells that are also positively and negatively charged. 

Ultimately, duality reflects a fundamental law upon which all of life is built.

The origin is probably to be found in the prehistory of good and evil, which has come together in the matter in which we find ourselves. 

Before prehistoric times, there will probably have been only one force and no duality, since everything we perceive was created, i.e. built up. Evil destroys, good builds up, that is the reason why the origin must also be good, if one follows this logic.

Also the fact that good can live without evil, whereas evil needs good as a host, which it can destroy, if it does not want to ultimately destroy itself, to attack.

In Genesis it is written that Adam and Eve could only become like God through the fruit of the forbidden tree and then have this duality, which ultimately triggered a self-awareness that we are now all experiencing here on earth. 

Which is probably also the deeper reason for everything. We experience all sides, are on our own and show our true face here. The deeds we do every day point us in the direction we will really go one day. 

We are not judged, I am firmly convinced, we judge ourselves with everything we do, life only saves that, that's all.  

When our hour comes, the question then arises, can my soul, which is the storehouse, open the last door or not and more importantly, what and where is the last door?

In my understanding, the last door, this tunnel, is what everyone describes who has had near-death experiences. (read here, aren't near-death experiences pipe dreams?)

I think for some the tunnel comes, for others it just doesn't happen. They just stay blocked in space, but then understand what happened because there are many there who have also experienced the same thing. 

I can't say how it will go on with these spirits one day. But good people usually go directly through this dimension, which we don't really perceive, and through the tunnel into eternity, where only the good still have access. 

Everything else that will not find access to eternity ultimately exists among its equals. Here on earth I can be a thief and present myself as a good person with a lot of money. In the dimension where we no longer have a body, His kind is among His kind. 

In the end, this is the punishment, we have brought ourselves to where we never wanted to be. Crooks among crooks, murderers among murderers, evil among evil, we can only have fun and hope that everyone understands the problem and can take the right path in time.

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