Let me be the best snail in the world

In the course of my regular walks, a habit I have cultivated for years, I recently experienced a profound realisation.

 This custom, where I climb up a steep path after eating, serves to oxygenate my body - a kind of natural, uncomplicated oxygen therapy that was originally intended to help me recover from my stroke at the age of 50.

Over the years, I have realised how beneficial these walks are, so much so that they have become a regular part of my life. Despite being only 30 minutes long, the route is challenging due to its steepness and requires quite a bit of effort due to my height.

The feeling of well-being on the way back is immediate, which led me to believe that such activities are not only healthy, but also surprisingly easy. All you need is a steep route, be it a flight of stairs or a path in the countryside.

Back to the topic at hand: what does this have to do with a snail? I recently reached the highest point after such a walk and observed a snail leisurely crossing the road, leaving a trail behind it. This sight triggered a kind of vision in me, a moment of clarity, if you like.

The snail moved slowly and unhurriedly across the road, seemingly unaware of the potential dangers. It seemed as if it had chosen the perfect time for its journey, because shortly after it had crossed the road, a car drove past. If she hadn't chosen the right time, she could have ended up under its wheels.

This observation led me to a parallel between the snail and human life. We often choose the right path and the right time, guided by a higher power, without realising the consequences of our decisions.

This made it clear to me that the right time and the right perspective are crucial. When these two factors come together, no path seems dangerous. With divine guidance, I believe we can navigate safely through life.

This realisation reinforces my desire to be a level-headed person who makes the best decision at the right moment - the best snail in the world, so to speak, instead of the self-centred lion that is often seen as the ideal in our society.

I would like to express my sincere thanks for this moment of spiritual development.

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