Role models in the discipleship of Jesus Christ

In search of inspiration, wisdom and role models who can enrich our lives, we welcome you to our "Role models" page. In a world that is fast-paced and often challenging, role models offer us guidance, hope and the motivation to rise above ourselves. They are the beacons that help us navigate through stormy times and show us that with determination, dedication and passion, almost anything is achievable.

Our website is dedicated to exceptional personalities from a wide range of fields - from science and art to sport and social commitment. These are people who have not only made outstanding achievements in their field, but who also inspire through their personality, their values and their actions. They have broken barriers, broken new ground and always had a positive influence on their environment and society.

Each role model you find here has been carefully selected to present you with diverse perspectives and life stories. Behind each name is a story of courage, perseverance and an unwavering belief in goodness and the possibility of making a difference. These stories are intended not only to inspire admiration, but also to encourage us to look for these qualities in ourselves and express them in our own lives.

We invite you to be inspired by these extraordinary people. Discover how they have overcome challenges, pursued their dreams and made the world a better place through their endeavours. May this collection of role models also serve as a source of inspiration for you to pursue your own goals, utilise your unique talents and make a positive contribution to the world.


Welcome to "Role Models" - a place dedicated to awakening the best in all of us.
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Billy Graham

Billy Graham was an outstanding evangelical preacher whose influence spanned several decades and reached millions of people worldwide. Born in 1918, Graham dedicated his life to spreading the Christian faith through his evangelisation crusades, which took him to almost every continent. His ability to translate complex theological concepts into simple, understandable messages made him one of the most respected and influential religious leaders of the 20th century.

Graham's sermons, which were characterised by his charismatic charisma and deep conviction of faith, regularly drew huge crowds. 

He also skilfully used the media to spread his message by appearing on radio and television programmes and writing numerous books. 

His commitment to social issues and his call to overcome racial segregation in the United States show that his work was significant far beyond religious circles.

Billy Graham advised numerous US presidents and was a moral authority who appealed to people of all faiths and beliefs. 

His legacy lives on in the many people whose lives he touched and in the organisations he founded or inspired to continue his mission. Graham passed away in February 2018, but his message of hope and faith remains unforgotten.

Nick Vujicic

Nick Vujicic, born on 4 December 1982 in Melbourne, Australia, is an outstanding personality who is known worldwide as a motivational speaker and author. Despite being born without arms and legs, a rare condition known as Tetra Amelia Syndrome, Nick has led an exceptionally fulfilling life. 

With unshakeable faith and a positive attitude, he has not only faced personal challenges, but has also inspired millions of people. Vujicic graduated with a degree in accounting and finance, but he found his true calling in public speaking. Since his first speaking gig in his youth, Nick Vujicic has spoken to millions of people in over 60 countries, spreading his message of hope, faith and determination. 

Through his organisation Life Without Limbs and his appearances in the media, he has helped countless people to overcome their own obstacles and develop a positive outlook on life.In addition to his career as a speaker, Vujicic has written several inspiring books, including bestsellers such as "Life Without Limits". His stories and life lessons motivate people of all ages to grow beyond their limitations and pursue their dreams. Nick Vujicic lives an example of how physical limitations do not have to limit a person's spirit. His life and work are living proof that the greatest challenges can be overcome if you only have the courage to dream and work hard for it.

Joyce Meyer

Joyce Meyer, born on 4 June 1943, is an influential Christian author, speaker and president of Joyce Meyer Ministries, an international non-profit organisation dedicated to spreading the Christian faith through media, conferences and aid projects. Her troubled life story, which was characterised by abuse and a difficult start in life, has not prevented her from becoming one of the most well-known voices in evangelical Christianity.

Meyer found her Christian faith in her early years and began her missionary career in the late 1970s by leading Bible studies in a local cafeteria. Her ability to combine practical, real-life advice with biblical principles quickly made her a household name. Her daily television programme "Enjoying Everyday Life" is broadcast worldwide in dozens of languages and reaches millions of viewers.

In addition to her preaching work, Joyce Meyer is the author of over 100 inspirational books, including bestsellers such as "The Battlefield of Thoughts", in which she shares strategies for overcoming negative thoughts with principles of faith. Through her teachings and personal example, she motivates people around the world to overcome their past and live a fulfilling life in line with Christian values. Her commitment to social projects, including supporting victims of domestic violence and providing humanitarian aid, testifies to her deep belief in the power of charity and service to others.

Bobby Schuller

Bobby Schuller is an American pastor and author, best known as the lead pastor of the Hour of Power services that are broadcast worldwide. Born into a family with deep religious roots, he is the grandson of Robert H. Schuller, the founder of the Crystal Cathedral in Garden Grove, California. Bobby Schuller has continued his grandfather's legacy by spreading a message of hope and faith through Christianity.

Schuller graduated from Oral Roberts University and earned a Master of Divinity degree from Fuller Theological Seminary, which provided him with a solid theological foundation for his pastoral ministry. Under his leadership, the Hour of Power has experienced a new era of accessibility and relevance by focusing on a message that emphasises universal Christian values and speaks to people of all walks of life.

In addition to his pastoral work, Bobby Schuller is a prolific author who has written books that focus on Christian spirituality and personal growth. His works inspire readers to improve their lives through faith and to face life's challenges with confidence and hope.

Bobby Schuller's work goes beyond the pulpit; he is involved in social projects and promotes charitable initiatives aimed at helping communities in need. His vision of a Christian faith that actively practices love and compassion has made him a respected voice in religious and spiritual circles.

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