Is there life after death

One of the most important questions a person can ask. What about the answer? 

In the digital world in which we live, we can now learn so much about near-death experiences from countless people. The information that is now available is extensive and in some cases well researched. 

I remember when I was 13 years old. At that time I was already able to answer this question for myself. By chance, I saw a report on Austrian television by a reporter who did a piece on this topic. 

In a hospital, I can't say which one exactly, there was a report about a girl who had an accident and had to undergo emergency surgery. The girl was not present with her mind during the whole time. Later in therapy, the girl made drawings of her emergency operation in the bird's eye view, i.e. from above, as if she were floating on the ceiling. The number of people present was correct, the environment, everything matched. 

How could this girl, know how many people are present and describe the situation so accurately by drawing. 

It became clear to me that out-of-body experiences must be possible and that we can therefore leave our body and that there must be more. 

Later, I became more involved with this phenomenon and the more I became aware of it, the more certain it was that it would continue. 

But one must not forget the criticism here. It is often said that this is only a mechanism of the mind, which has a kind of device in the dying process, so that substances are released and one can then die naturally and without fear and pain. In principle, this is a completely normal process that has nothing at all to do with life after death. Certain areas of the brain have even been stimulated, triggering a near-death experience.

Well and good, would actually fit, but one simply forgets that the information which the persons concerned communicated was only perceptible outside the body, i.e. with a different perspective. 

There are countless descriptions, from tools that were used and disappeared again in the drawer to people, conversations, etc. 

Soberly considered, one can only come to the conclusion that there is more, something like life after death.

If you listen to experts who have worked a lot on this topic or doctors who have received such information directly from patients, you quickly realise how convinced all these people are. 

In America, a doctor wanted to be quite intelligent and tackle this issue once and for all with a study.

Pictures were installed just below the ceiling, which could only be viewed from above. If anyone had such an experience, they should be able to say what kind of pictures were installed there. 

The study was not completed for a long time, it was hoped to be able to say quickly that there were no results. After a long time, it was simply said that further research was needed, that the generally accepted ideas of when a person was dead needed to be better researched.   

How this then continues and what it looks like afterwards is then only speculation, but also very interesting and also important.  


Article on Youtube on the topic

Source: Swiss Television | DOK | Glimpses into the Beyond

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