The gold of the spirit - gratitude 

I would never have expected the transformative power that lies in gratitude.

It is like a cleansing cloth for the spirit or the gold that enriches our spirit.

In the midst of these challenging times, many are asking themselves what they should be grateful for and how they can feel gratitude when daily life seems so oppressive.

It is understandable that we feel lost in the midst of life's difficulties. The burden seems unbearable and it may seem pointless to feel gratitude.

But this is the crux of the matter: it was never any different. It is our perspective that determines whether we perceive things as difficult or easy. We often have little influence on the circumstances, but we can decide how we deal with them.

The famous glass: is it half full or half empty? Are we grateful for the half glass we still have, or are we sad that it's only half full?

The more we want, the more demanding we become. Gratitude has the power to ground us, make us more satisfied and reduce our greed.

Try it out for yourself: Practise gratitude for five minutes every day. You will be surprised what you can achieve.

If you find yourself in a hopeless situation, start with the basics and then build up your gratitude bit by bit.

Fundamental means feeling gratitude for getting up, breathing, experiencing a new day - for the simple things in life.

And if you think that doesn't do anything: Gratitude can free you from many things. You have to practise it for a while to understand how effective it is.

Gratitude brings so much positive energy with it. You can recharge yourself with it - it's easy, free and extremely effective.

Just get started, because you can only win and hardly do anything wrong.

An experienced grateful person will find something to be grateful for even in negative situations. But be careful not to drift into sarcasm. Start with the things that are still going well.

At times I have experienced gratitude almost like healing - it can be that powerful.

I have done many things to grow spiritually, but gratitude is one of the most important cornerstones for a balanced, self-determined and happy life.

So let go, practise gratitude until the beams bend, and become a master of gratitude - a master of life.

I am grateful that I was allowed to write these lines, and there will be many more to follow. 😉

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