Bits and Bytes for the Lord

Aren't we all always searching? Everyone has to struggle with their imperfection every day, one day rather better, the other day rather lousy. In this wash of emotions, it is noticeable that some people are tempted and want to make the world a little better. In the search for meaning, there is the idea of bits and bytes for the Lord. 

Why not just write down all the experiences and maybe with some words have the possibility to be a little helpful to someone. Or is this another pipe dream, mind going over the top and etching for Ritalin to bring you back down to earth? 

No matter what, just do it, only those who are active leave traces, dreaming only brings change when you really let go. 

Then write every day from now on, bits and bytes for the Lord. 


Hot or cold

Whether hot or cold, I spit out the lukewarm. This sentence from the Bible accompanies


The stream of life

The metaphor of the stream of life offers a valuable perspective on how to deal with the challenges of life.


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