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Love, how it influences our lives. It can become a human honey trap. How often are we perhaps kept in a bad position by this feeling. If one assumes everything for love, one is also gladly exploited and possibly even abused.

It is comforting, it is more blessed to give love. Whoever uses you to enrich himself puts himself in a dangerous position. He harms his soul enormously and will only be able to profit in the short term.

At first glance, unsustainable success is generated, ultimately the karma, the soul is possibly irreversibly burdened.

To all those who take advantage of people and are simply evil, let it be said that in the end they can do no more harm to anyone than to themselves. 

Stop this immediately. 

Hot or cold

Whether hot or cold, I spit out the lukewarm. This sentence from the Bible accompanies


The stream of life

The metaphor of the stream of life offers a valuable perspective on how to deal with the challenges of life.


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