Crisis in the name of the Lord

How do you do that now. How can you have a crisis when you are connected to God?

Imagine living every day in connection, in prayer with God. He is the centre of everything and yet you slip into a crisis?

How can that be, it doesn't make sense. Is that even possible? Why, why, what's going on?

Many people may ask themselves such questions, life has crystal clear laws to which we are all subject. The only difference is who understands them better, worse or not at all. 

How does the crisis come to you now, although you are actually connected with God, the Holy Spirit and in prayer with the origin and should actually be safe.

The simple answer, life is not that simple, God and prayer, Jesus, that is the centre for everything, the most important thing. Daily prayer helps to stabilise the mind and make the better decisions. But one is the theory and then there is the practice. 

In practice, we are guided by God and the Holy Spirit. But not in the way we imagine, but in the way that is best for us. 

Without sugarcoating it, if you get into a crisis despite prayer, you have simply kept the connection but not behaved correctly enough in practice. 

Many prayers like to flow from wishes and needs. But what is really good for us may be something completely different in life. 

We must act exactly as it suits the Spirit of God. If we only bathe ourselves in prayer and in the love of God, but still act selfishly and wrongly, life will teach us a lesson. Regardless of the theory, practice will correct us. 

If you are in a crisis, there is only one way out, you have to make a clear analysis, why am I where I am now and what can I do to not get into this situation again. 

God sometimes educates us with tasks so that we improve and become stronger. This can be painful, but in the end we grow and the tasks can become better. 

But if you don't recognise the signs, in the crisis where you are, you will always get into new situations and it can also get worse. We have to be honest with ourselves and go back to the beginning and realise what brought me there, what can I do to free myself from this predicament. 

This reappraisal, this way out, can be done very well in prayer. All unanswered questions, all fears, can be put to God in prayer and the answers will help, even if it is painful, to find the way out and, what is even more important, the turning point, the beginning for something new. 

In fact, whoever sticks to the truth will soon realise that even bad things are very important in life, and that we can even grow more from the bad than from the good. 

With God or without God, the sun shines on all people, the laws are the same for all. And yet, in prayer and in connection with the Holy Spirit and Jesus, we have everything in our hands to walk the best possible path in life. 

God is love and whoever is in God is in love. This power helps to bear the hardness of matter to such an extent that one can become an example for one's fellow human beings. 

We are made to better ourselves by serving life, we do that, we do it right, usually through our fellow human beings, with tasks, services and meaningfulness in our environment, to ourselves and to all others. 

Simply becoming carefree rich, being able to satisfy all our needs in abundance and only being able to be in the best of the best and suppressing everything bad and negative will hardly be it. 

In a nutshell, pray without ceasing and do good, be grateful and keep your selfishness in check, then there is less pain, there is no need to paint the devil on the wall and the soul is best served. 

As written elsewhere, the most important and true currency in our lives, the good soul, the true meaning of life. 

In this sense, I wish everyone in every crisis the best growth possible and that the way is cleared for an even more grateful life in the name of the Greatest One, Jesus Christ the Redeemer, who has actually already borne all our pains and fears for us and thus cleared the way for us on Golgotha.

Everyone will experience their own personal Golgotha, practically no one such a hard one as Jesus Christ, the hardest price he bore for us and with the resurrection he shows us the way home.

He is the way, the truth and the life.  

So be it.

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