A cheer for our time

Aren't these straining times? The world seems to be on the brink.

We have brought the earth's expiry date so far that one can become frightened and fearful. 

In some circles, one already finds oneself in an end-time mood, viewed soberly and with objective senses, there is really a lot that is getting out of hand. Corona, the climate, the problems between the West and the East, the many rulers who are taking all the power, the fear of a nuclear war shortly after the biggest pandemic mankind has ever experienced. 

Yes, it's pouring like never before. 

Where else can one find such a stop? An intelligent reader will not be surprised, but it is obvious. 

In Jesus Christ. 

Out of fashion, for many only history, his message and his work, like a fortress grown over the years, still remains exactly the same. 

He is the light that came into the world to lead us home. 

Without writing a long advertising letter here, whoever understands Him just a little has a perspective that is stronger than all the problems that can put us in fear and terror. 

This begs the question, how can I understand Him? 

Quite simply, if you enter into a monologue with Him, talk to Him and ask Him to understand you, to understand life, that will be the best conversation you can ever have. 

Do it as I did years ago, it doesn't help, it doesn't hurt, but certainly it's always worth a try. 

Just speak these words, in a normal, peaceful tone, that's all:

Jesus Christ, greatest name this world has ever heard, if you really exist, I ask you to give me a sign, guide me, enter my life and show me the truth.

That's all, then just wait and see, hear and feel what new things can happen in your life.   

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