When will you become fashionable again?

I can't remember the day I gave you my life and achieved the most important thing in life. It may be 6 or 8 years already. There may have been countless words of the Holy Spirit, words that have changed my life into a different person.

These days I sometimes ask myself, when will you become fashionable again? Telling people about you feels more like telling someone a secret tip instead of the importance you should have in everyone's life. 

Will the Enlightenment and humans, who have become so mega intelligent, swallow up your life's work? In the digital age and with all the speed that prevails, will we manage to push you to the edge of history and completely miss the way home? 

How can we human beings, the most important force in the universe, simply exchange it for science and massless arrogance.

Joy to those who have found you and still will. Well, to be fair, it is not easy to accept you, technically it is very easy, but spiritually we are embedded in a cage that does not allow us to simply accept you. Unfortunately, unfortunately, that is also a suffering of this world. 

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