Whatever faith is, for each person it consolidates the foundation of their convictions.

The "DNA" of the mind. Thoughts for a different contemplation. 

The golden frame for us humans. For some a game of joy, for others a powerful challenge.

Hand offered with experience, solutions can be ready.

Probably the most beautiful feeling on earth. Something from the few that you can't get or give too much. 

And yet, it is not quite as simple as it often seems ...


Faith, life and love are the essential pillars that give depth and meaning to our existence. In their simplicity and beauty, these elements have the potential to be a source of true happiness and create moments of unrivalled contentment. However, as everlasting and monumental as these moments may seem, they are not set in stone and can be fleeting from one minute to the next. A single misstep, a seemingly well-considered decision, can unexpectedly steer our lives in a direction we never thought possible.

Similarly, unexpected news can suddenly and relentlessly fill our lives with suffering, pain and fear, seemingly leaving no way out. The happiness and lightness of being fade to a distant memory and it feels as if nothing is the same as it once was.

However, it is often the small, everyday things that overwhelm us unnoticed and leave us perplexed, without us really realising what has happened.

In this blog, I deal with the many facets of life - its highs and its lows. The content, which is dedicated to faith, life and love, is filled with meaning and purpose. They aim to offer support and perhaps a little comfort.

The contributions on these pages are intended to be a small light in the darkness, a warming ray that warms hearts, awakens understanding and possibly opens up new paths to a life full of true values and deep kindness of soul - for this represents the most valuable and meaningful treasure in life.

I hope that reading this blog will inspire and enrich you.

With best wishes,

Damian Maxson

planned contributions (coming soon):

  • The contrast that brings things to light.
  • The source of life
  • Carnal pleasure

Hot or cold

Whether hot or cold, I spit out the lukewarm. This sentence from the Bible accompanies


The stream of life

The metaphor of the stream of life offers a valuable perspective on how to deal with the challenges of life.



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