Does prayer work & if so why?

We hear a lot about prayer and the hope that comes with it.

But whether prayer really helps and why, you can't really read anywhere. 

I have developed a steep theory for this. As is so often the case, it is difficult to distinguish whether it is now holy spirit and therefore truth or whether it only comes from the turmoil of our mind and the channels connected with it. 

Maybe I'll start with the basics. We live in 3 dimensions with 5 senses. This means that we perceive our environment with our eyes, hands, nose, etc. in 3 dimensions, right, left, up and down. 

But we do not perceive another dimension with our eyes and ears, yet it is there. 

Some people can feel that there is more, some see strange things, but most of us live exclusively in the 3 normally perceivable dimensions. 

Now what does all this have to do with the effect of prayer? 

I'm afraid I have to elaborate further. 

When a human being dies, he leaves his body and enters this dimension, which is perceived directly after death, i.e. as soon as the body can no longer function properly. 

You then find yourself at this point for either a short time until you can go home to eternity or you get stuck there because you can't get any further.

The famous tunnel and the white light just won't come for some. 

What conclusions can we draw from this? That all that is invisible to us in this dimension are lost spirits and by no means trustworthy figures. Pure souls are led directly home, I wonder then what about the rest. 

You don't have to believe what you read here, but when you get to the point where you really understand and know that more exists, what I write is very important. 

Not everything between heaven and earth is good. On the contrary, rather dangerous and manipulative.

Souls for whom there is a reason why they are where they are. Their substance was no longer sufficiently similar to the good and they could no longer be a danger to the good, which they had also lived out to the full on earth, but are now blocked because eternity, our home, is free of evil. 

These spirits see us and know the truth, there is no need to discuss whether there is life outside a body. They also know that the way to eternity is blocked for them, that they have gambled away everything, so to speak. The only thing left for them is to do as much damage as possible. 

Now it's out, the theory, evil rules one dimension above us, the good guys are all long gone and we here can play blind man's buff and don't know what's happening to us.  

Now I can finally finish what prayer is all about. 

If there are still different levels between heaven and us and if these are full of evil spirits, the connection from us to heaven is nevertheless heavily burdened, if sometimes even blocked to the maximum.

Prayer establishes a connection to home, connects us to our origin. We then align ourselves for the good, spirits don't like this connection. They rather love the like-minded or the damaged, the defective, people who already have enough. 

Those who really pray a lot from the heart and have a good connection with the homeland, with their Creator or Jesus, are much less burdened, because in principle they are free, because evil spirits do not like positive, good people, no successful people, they prefer to go after people who are already on the brink of ruin anyway, in order to give them the last kick into ruin or to bring them step by step into the same ruin.  

This will also be the reason that those who already have a lot will receive even more and those who are already poor will become poorer and poorer. 

Prayer purifies our immediate environment and opens the connection to our origin. This works easily and quickly, but needs a certain continuity, as the quality of connection diminishes if one does not pray from time to time. 

I imagine it like this, a spirit thinks, oh dear, now he prays and leaves, because prayer annoys him and he actually prefers something to his liking. He will only come again when he is no longer annoyed, when we feel bad again and complain, then he is there again, that's how he feels good, that's what he wants, that we feel worse and worse. 

I have experienced this myself, I was depressed to the max, screamed to the heavens and the depression was blown away for 2 days. 

But after 2 days it was like before, unfortunately I did not understand at that time that it is important not only to cry out once, but to pray constantly. What medicine on this earth can take away an illness on the spot for 2 days without side effects and addictions? 

Right, none, but I don't want to say that depression is an evil spirit, but the strength and quality of our prayers can do a lot. 

I used to hate it when someone said, "You're depressed, you just need to pray more or you don't pray enough. But life has taught me otherwise. Prayer is the most powerful weapon for our lives. Depressiveness has many forms and anti-depressants are a defence attempt by people, which is also not really a sustainable solution. 

Prayer can create resilience, you would hardly believe it if you didn't experience it yourself. 

My steep theory comes from right here, I asked myself how can a disease just disappear for 2 days and suddenly it is back. What mechanism is at work? 

My interest in near-death experiences and my experiences with depression and faith, as well as my prayers, led me to these conclusions.  

And finally, let me say this. Near-death experiences are real, not figments of our imagination. Today you can see so many testimonies. The camp that always says they are hallucinations always leaves out the point that people who report such experiences perceive things and circumstances that can only be seen from the position outside the body. 

There are now countless reports like this all over the world. 



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