The formula for success - a plaything of forces

Life is in a continuous interplay between two forces that influence both the mind and the body and almost all aspects of our environment. These dynamic interactions are based on the laws of nature which, on closer inspection, turn out to be guided by two main forces. For success, it is essential to understand these laws of nature and to [...]

The baptism of the devil

The name "devil" has such a negative connotation that just thinking about it has a certain negative effect. That's why, from now on, I'm no longer calling you the devil, but "leave me in peace". "Leave me in peace" is also what my daily goal is: to simply remain at peace throughout the day. I do [...]

The gold of the spirit - gratitude 

I would never have expected the transformative power that lies in gratitude. It is like a cleansing cloth for the mind or the gold that enriches our spirit. In the midst of these challenging times, many wonder what to be grateful for and how to feel gratitude when daily life seems so oppressive. It is understandable that we [...]

Active thinking

My first steps into the depths of being many years ago were the wave of "Positive Thinking", based on the content of the American writer Joseph Murphy, The Power of the Subconscious Mind. It was in February 1991 somewhere on the east coast of Australia where I first held this book in my hands and read a few [...]

The stream of life

The metaphor of the stream of life offers a valuable perspective for improving the way you deal with life's challenges. Imagine that you are observing your own life, comparable to a river that continuously flows past you. This river symbolises the incessant flow of life until your last breath. It is beyond your control to change this [...]

Let me be the best snail in the world

In the course of my regular walks, a habit I have cultivated for years, I recently experienced a profound realisation. This custom, in which I walk up a steep path after eating, serves to oxygenate my body - a kind of natural, uncomplicated oxygen therapy originally developed to help me recover from my stroke at the age of 50 [...].

Read in the Book of Life

In moments of adversity, when life hits us hard, it is important to focus on the positive and move on carefully. It is important not to stand still. As long as we get up more often than we fall down, we are on the right path. The past should no longer be the focus; rather, it is essential to concentrate on [...]

Crisis in the name of the Lord

How is that supposed to work now? How can you have a crisis when you are connected to God? Imagine that you live every day connected to God in prayer. He is the centre of everything and yet you slip into a crisis? How can that be, it doesn't make sense. Is that [...]

Back to the present

Why should we go back to the present, there is really only the here and now. We are right in the middle of it. An interesting question? The past is what has happened, but what we often repeat in our thoughts in the present, was it nice, does it give us a pleasant present, was it bad, can we [...]

And eternally greets duality

Yes, the title is a bit of a rip-off of the film, with the German name "Und Ewig grüsst das Murmeltier" with Bill Murray. The original film is called "Groundhog Day", which would make it less appropriate for these lines. I think the film tries to portray the difficulty of the gravity of life in a humorous way. At its core, this is exactly what [...]


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